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  • Rent A Car Airport Belgrade

    Cheapest renta car Belgrade airport , rent a car without deposit!

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  • Airport Nikola Tesla Rent A Car

    Best prices for renting a car at the airport Nikola Tesla!

    Rent a car aerodrom Beograd
  • Rent A Car Belgrade Airport

    Rental car with complete hull insurance , airport Belgrade!

    Rent a car aerodrom Beograd Nikola Tesla
Rent a Car Airport Belgrade Nikola Tesla

Rent a car Belgrade airport car rental agencies at your service 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can rent our cars to any desired location. Vehicles rented at the territory of Serbia, Novi Sad, Belgrade, and at the airport Nikola Tesla.

Rent A Car Airport - Airport: Nikola Tesla

Rent a car Nikola tesla - aerodrom Beograd

Rent a car that you can take at the airport , or any location of your choice . You can leave the rented vehicle in the parking lot at the airport departure and hand over the keys to one of our employees.

  • - Rent A Car airport Belgrade, Nikola Tesla
  • Fully comprehensive insurance!
  • Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade - Cheapest Rent A Car
  • Aerodrom Beograd - Rent A Car - Best price.

Car Hire Belgrade Airport - Nikola Tesla has the most favorable price to rent a car with a driver who is waiting for you at the exit from customs duties. Booking service of our vehicles is completely free. Book a car in time and get a discount!

Car rental in Belgrade on airport Nikola Tesla

Vehicle at the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade that you can rent at any time , by prior appointment. We offer fast and efficient service with a wide range of vehicles with manual or automatic transmission and very economical diesel aggregates.

Rent a car Nikola Tesla

Branch office Rent a car Airport Belgrade

Our main business is renting a car and we offer a wide range of vehicles in several categories. Taking car at the airport Nikola Tesla. No Deposit Rent a car Belgrade airport without deposit . Taking car at the airport, without leaving deposits. No hidden costs All of our cars for rent with full comprehensive insurance. Our prices are inclusive of VAT, no surprises when paying. When we say " Best price " we mean it - Car Aerdrom Bograd.

Nikola tesla aerodrom

Belgrade Airport " Nikola Tesla "

Nikola Tesla Airport is the main air port Serbia and is located 18 kilometers west of the center of Belgrade, the Serbian capital. The airport was opened for traffic in 1962 at its current location in the municipality of Surčin. Airport " Nikola Tesla ". Name Airport " Belgrade " in 2006, by the decision of the Serbian government changed the Airport " Nikola Tesla ". Ideally located in relation up from the airport in the environment as it is on the crossroads of the most important air routes ( routes ) of Europe . Equipped with the most advanced radio navigation equipment and can accommodate the largest aircraft of the world.


Beograd Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the capital and largest city of Serbia. For younger visitors Belgrade is interesting because of the nightlife. In addition to night clubs and rafts, which almost is not closed, Belgrade has many other attractions. Ada Ciganlija or " Sea of ​​Belgrade " must see. Kalemegdan fortress, prehistoric Vinča village. Temple of Saint Sava is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world . And many parts of Belgrade must see : Avala , Nikola Tesla Museum , after which the airport was named, Gardos in Zemun , Skadarlija ...

Car rental agency Rent A Car IN

Rentiranje automobila Beogradski Aerodrom Nikola Tesla Agency Car Rental "Rent a Car Airport" was established in 2011. The seat of the Agency is located in Prvomajska 85, but in 2016 we were able to expand its service on the territory of Belgrade ( branch "rent a car Belgrade Airport " ) and Novi Sad - Vojvodina. In our fleet you can find vehicles with a guarantee of comfort and convenience , because they have all the equipment necessary to make you feel safe and comfortable. Rent a car Airport Belgrade, For the period of our work managed to achieve a lot of trust of its clients, which we consider a very great success.

Rent A Car Belgrade

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Rent A Car Airport Belgrade Nikola Tesla

Rent A Car Airport Belgrade - Nikola Tesla. Rental car without deposit. With us you can rent a car without a credit card. You do not need to have credit Card for car rental in our agency. Rent A Car Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla rent vehicles with no mileage limitation.